Become a top 3% industry leader!
It’s Time to Stop Working “In” Your Business and Begin to Work “On” Your Business so you can grow and scale with ease!

The world of business is changing, people are learning more and more tactics and still failing!

Businesses need to evolve fast, keep moving, and keep growing to stay competitive.

Decentralisation is becoming very real and many are chasing Freedom - but to get Freedom you need Focus, Structure and Discipline!

It all starts with YOU! Are you ready to step up and LEAD…

The Change Your Game Accelerator is a transformational program designed to help you achieve radical results!

It's time to shift your thinking FROM Solo Entrepreneur TO Business Leader/CEO.

Think Bigger, Develop Your Team and Expand Your Growth.

Many businesses are started by people with a “skillset” - whether that's a coach who just finished their qualifications, a designer who started their own agency, a bookkeeper who mastered their business growth now helping others to do the same.

They all start with YOU, your SKILLS and your DESIRE to work for yourself and ultimately have more income and freedom!

YET too quickly we can become stuck in the treadmill of client generation to deliver projects, back to client generation to deliver projects and so the cycle continues!

To GROW and EXPAND your business it starts with:

  • Developing a growth mindset
  • Creating a high performing team
  • Putting into place new procedures, structures and systems

The ART of working On your business and not IN it 24/7!

Do you often wonder what it would be like to have a clear strategic plan, to increase your profits and multiply your impact?

Imagine starting every day operating with laser focus and complete clarity to meet your business goals.

Imagine having a community that not only shares your vision but becomes part of your movement.

Imagine creating a profitable business with resilience in all economic conditions!

The majority of our clients are high achieving Entrepreneurs who want to Scale and Grow. Business Owners & CEO’s who are ready to not only LEAD but make an IMPACT.

We want you to build your LEGACY!

What people are saying

What you’ll learn bit


The context in which you live your life will affect the impact you make naturally. By mastering your inner game you will find your hidden inner drive to work on a deeper level to re-wire your psychology for success.


Your strategy and road map will ensure that you are growing in a deliberate way. We will work on your personalised unique map to make sure progress is on your optimal path.


Consistent and persistent daily action will lead you to compound your results and explode your business. You will be able to fine-tune your activities to turbo-charge your outcomes.

What Do You Get

The Change Your Game Accelerator is a 12 month implementation program to not only 10x your revenue growth and create your legacy but also, become the best version of you!

It’s structured for success with 90 Day Sprints to get fast-action results and create explosive sustainable growth.

You’ll not only know where you are going, but have the tactics and strategy to get you there too. The foundation of winning 30 days focuses around the 3 games:


Using this core foundation to meet your 90 day goals!

What if everything you needed to achieve your biggest goals and vision was already inside you?

WE are here to support you to UNLEASH a better version of YOU!


The 5 core areas that are critical for you to grow and make an impact in the world.


The keys to unlocking your inner game to perform at your most powerful and authentic best by providing your natural context.


How to explode your digital game to double your reach in half the time.



How to discover and implement world class strategy to sustainably grow your business exponentially.


The secrets of high converting sales, responsible for bringing in millions of pounds of revenue.


How to build world class teams, who to add, how to add them and how to maximise productivity and performance.


Your Personalised Unique Strategy Road map.


How to get unstuck each and every-time and a time tested blueprint for navigating business challenges.

How We Make It Work

We show you how to turbo charge each element of your business increasing your efficiency, effectiveness and execution. The Masterclasses will be tailored to suit the group and current market conditions and be delivered by industry-leading experts.

the masterclasses will be tailored to suit the group and current market conditions, and be delivery by industry leading experts.

Change Your Game Experts

Baiju Solanki - EnSpirit Ltd. Founder

CEO & Founder of EnSpirit Ltd and Author of Change Your Game. An Award-winning business man & TEDx speaker Baiju Solanki ‘s vision is to create a platform that inspires, educates and connects you to develop your entrepreneurial skills and create the life you desire. The Change Your Game Accelerator is at the core of this, helping entrepreneurs and business owners to grow and scale and create the life and business they desire.

Baiju creator The Change Your Game Accelerator

Louise Danielle - Lead CYG Coach and Money Mindset Expert

Louise is a money mindset & business strategist, helping entrepreneurs & leaders get successful faster without the years of struggle! Over the last decade of working with people, she has seen that most people actually slow their own success by their mindset and when it’s resolved, they’re able to move ahead quickly, attract new opportunities, make more money and feel happier in themselves and their lives..

Louise is the Lead Coach on the Accelerator

Al Tepper - The Marketing Game

Al Tepper has 20+ years of strategic and operational marketing leadership experience and has worked with large global brands including Accenture, IBM, KPMG, the Guardian along with hundreds of smaller organisations. Al's experience covers almost all areas of the marketing sphere for both business and consumer-facing organisations and he now coaches business leaders on marketing leadership to get better returns for less spend. Additionally Al is very active in BNI and also coaches business leaders on how to leverage linkedin and social media.

Al Tepper The Marketing Game Masterclass

Ketan Makwana - The Sales Game

Ketan is an experienced business strategist, transforming global economies through innovation & business growth. The founder of Enterprise Lab which works with ambitious entrepreneurs, businesses and industry leaders in building better people, better businesses and better economies. Ketan continues his mission to impact and disrupt economies for prosperity through building expert networks, investing in fast growth businesses and inspiring leaders to strive for growth through innovation and disruption.

Ketan leads The Sales Game Masterclass

Lucy Hall - The Social Media Game

Lucy Hall is founder and director of Marketing and media agency Avviso Media and founder of the UKs biggest social media festival SocialDay which has recently also launched in the USA. She wrote a social media book and created the social media content planner which is used by over 1000 social media marketers each year from brands and agencies across the UK and Ireland. Lucy set-up DigitalWomen a community to empower 1 Million women globally through digital skills, she has also just been awarded Tech Women Role Model of The Year For her work with digital women.

Lucy leads The Social Media Game Masterclass

Andrew Prietsley - Expert for The Money Game

Andrew Priestley is a bestselling author of The Money Chimp, Starting and Awareness, an award-winning business coach specialising in leadership; a speaker and Top 100 UK Entrepreneur Mentor. In 2020, he is celebrating 21 years as a business coach. He also went back to university as a mature aged student and completed a degree in Industrial and Organisational Psychology, specialising in leadership development. His side hustle is a boutique publishing company Writing Matters, and he is also the chairman of Clear Sky Children's Charity.

Andrew leads The Money Game Masterclass

What Delegates are Saying...

Sital Nakarja

The reason we joined the CYGA Program was because we were starting a new business and were lost and needing some form of direction. We now have a clear vision & mission of what we want to be and achieve within the business. The Program enabled us to learn about the financial aspects of the business, as well as increase social media knowledge. It created a safe space for us to be vulnerable.

Scott Campbell

Before starting the CYGA Program I felt lost and that something was missing. I didn’t know what it was, and as a result I wasn’t committing to anything 100%, in business and life. Since completing the program I have confidence and clarity in growing the business and having the right processes in place. I am also proud to be living life to the full for myself and my family.

Rushabh Savla

For a while I haven’t been held accountable for goals and lacked system implementation. The CYGA Program has supported me with clarity on leadership, creating better financial systems, building on key aspects on social media & delegation. I am now much clearer on how I lead the team and have a new clinic in a top location whilst building bigger better clinics during the program.

Rosanna Shaw

Being on the CYGA Program has enabled me to create a system to manage my finances. I have also gotten clearer around who my target client is and I am more confident using social media. I now have a strong Business Mission and feel more responsible for the business.

Raman Bath

On entering the program, work life balance was difficult and we were struggling to create the right direction for the company focusing on too many things. The CYGA Program has supported us to define our goals for the business and have established the right direction for our company in terms of product offering, rebranding and customer avatar.

Laura Ash

We had lost who we were and had no solid foundations for our business to grow on. We had no real idea what our goals were and what our mission, vision and values were. By being on the CYGA Program, we have been able to set firmer foundations to our business and this has enabled us to create and serve our clients from a true place of who we are and what we do. I set very high standards of myself and my work which is GREAT BUT it did not help in a lot of aspect in the business as it was staling us. I now realise that its not about being perfect its about getting it done and having it right for my clients.

Chelsea Simpson

I had my head buried, just trying to survive. Working but no clear focus or steps with the big goal in mind. Following the CYGA Program has given me a greater understanding of my values both personally and how that fits within my business. I now know exactly what’s needed to get me to where I want to go and knowing that small little tweaks are all that was needed and more consistent content and messages throughout my work. That conscious consistent action will get you results. You have to lean in and trust the process especially when its uncomfortable. There is no room for ego, you can always learn.

Barry Ash

We were at the stage where we found our business wasn’t progressing and I was getting frustrated with what was needed to move forward to the next level. The connections we have made on the CYGA Program has given me a new confidence to see the true potential with our business. We found it is more than a Program it’s the thing you need to move you and your business to the next level.

Andy Lopata

Since following the CYGA Program I have more clarity over the direction of the business and a more strategic and focused way of working. I have increased confidence in what I am doing. For me, it has been transformational.

Carol May

  • Body Empowerment Coach and Mentor for Midlife Professional Women
  • All Shapes and Sizes Solutions

Before joining the programme I was in no man’s land with my business – no clients and a feeling of being lost with no real idea what I wanted my business to look like, or what I wanted my life to look like as a result. I have learnt that I am of value, and that I have a lot to offer. This programme is like none other! Expect the unexpected, and be prepared to be stretched and challenged in many ways.

Jane McCourt

  • Owner
  • Clean Up Your Life

My business is formulating, taking shape and developing in ways I did not expect and at a rate far quicker than I had anticipated. I have a clearer direction and a greater understanding of what I am trying to achieve and how to achieve it. If you want to think out of the box, to have a refreshing new look at how you want to live your life and run your business, to learn cutting edge business techniques and meet like minded people then join this incredible programme.

Stuart Swindell

  • Co-Founder
  • Profit Proficy Ltd

I’ve learnt that we all face ups and downs in life. We all have fears and a resistance to change. We have all the resources we need to overcome any challenge and it starts with how we think about it. I’ve met the most amazing, supportive, generous and loving human beings. I’m learning to see the value that they all see in me. If you want to get your project/venture off the ground quickly (even if you’ve failed before), this is the program for you.

Pradip Mistry

  • CEO

I was overwhelmed with so many opportunities that I was not able to decide and remained stagnant. I am now more clear and focused on my business. I have set plans that I am following. This has created huge results that I have never achieved before and attracting clients and revenues I had not imagined. If you are feeling struck, stop what you are doing and sign up on this program that works for all. Jump in with a leap of faith and you will succeed.

Vanessa Louise Birt

  • Transformational Mentor and Speaker Intuitive Guide for Healing
  • Trust Vanessa

I was frustrated and living in inertia as I felt there was so much more to me and my life. The main thing I have learnt is the necessity of self belief, discipline, an open mind, a support structure in others and that action steps however small are essential for growth. The highlights have been the connections and relationships I have made with others. The support is invaluable. This programme holds all the gems necessary for you to play a bigger more impactful game!

Martin Preston

  • Founder/Director
  • Kingfisher 7

I’d become self-employed and had been incredibly busy, but not necessarily with the type of projects I most enjoy or can have the most impact. I knew I needed to drive my business, but didn’t necessarily have the skills or understand the psychology needed to do that. Having monthly actions, how to focus your time, being stretched and challenged, but keeping hold of my passion and my ability to deliver it have all been key factors.

Su Patel

  • Author, Speaker, HR Trainer and Consultant
  • HR Training and Consulting

I was stuck, I didn’t know what to do next, no clarity around my target audience and no plan. Fear of selling and closing. I now have a plan of objectives and I’m moving forward and possibilities have opened up. I am now really clear on my target audience and I now know the message that I need to share with them. This program will get you moving, even if you don’t want to!

Ann Behennah

  • Founder

The Accelerator has given me vision, confidence, breadth of knowledge and hope. I have learned that building a business takes a lot of research, discipline, sacrifice and work. What I took away from the Accelerator was a feeling of confidence, vision and possibility. The entrepreneurial journey can feel like a lonely walk in a dark forest – the Accerator programme is like a giant torch that makes the path visible.

Harpreet Chana

  • Founder/Director
  • The Mental Wealth Academy

I had just launched my business but I wasn’t clear on my vision, my mission, my objective, my offer, my ideal clients or my marketing and sales strategy. I was struggling to find time to work on building my business. This program gave us access to world-class experts in these fields that used their decades of experience to share with us what they have learnt so that we could implement straightway and it has already started to pay dividends. The unwavering faith and support in you will genuinely propel you to new heights and I am truly grateful to be part of the Accelerator.

Simon Thomas

  • Partner
  • Toucan Internet

Have you ever wondered why, if you’re pretty much an expert on something and have a great network, but you’re not growing your business to the extent you absolutely know is possible? If so, there’s something amiss. Finding these illusive answers is what the Change Your Game Accelerator is all about for me plus it makes for a tremendously engaging and empowering journey. The discoveries you’ll make for yourself will be significant and will change your thinking. This program works both for people taking the brave step of starting a business for the first time and people who have been around the block a few times like me.

You’ll step through everything that builds the process to your success including mindset, who you turn up as to the world and you’ll see some astoundingly powerful yet simple marketing & sales concepts. The workshop environment is a safe informed space to explore plan and execute.



Moving from working “IN” to “ON” your business


Working on your Inner Game to not only expand and develop your thinking, but become the best version of YOU!


Developing a Game Plan that leverages systems and resources to create a high performing team, so you can step out of the “daily” activities into a more “strategic” role.


The last core area is your Outer Game - how you not only implement and take action. But fail fast, review and perfect later!


Our goal is to dramatically increase your recurring revenue, profit and networth throughout your time with us!


Having the business, income and goals you truly desire is possible!It starts with taking the first step?

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